Accrete Engineering ( P ) Ltd, offers you complete turnkey solutions for all mechanical utilities under one roof. We are involved in projects since PROJECT Incubation, concept stage along with Architects and Principal Project Management Consultants. In our area of expertise, i.e. Mechanical Utilities, we do pre tendering services like,

  • Utility Services Mapping
  • Requirement Analysis
  • Conceptual drawings
  • Location / capacity planning
  • Tentative MOCs, Material quantities and Equipment sizing
  • Preparation Of Budgets, Techno-Commercial Viability study and Report based on Macro Level detailing

After the budgets are sanctions and principle approvals are obtained, we work closely with architects, principal project consultants and other consultants like Electrical / HVAC / Structural etc to complete the basic scheme of design. Integration of Utility Mapping with respect to equipment suppliers, process consultants and actual users is completed. This is again presented to client for final approval / modification suggestions etc

Draft scheme of Process and Instrumentation diagrams for piping networks, utility blocks and equipment connection is prepared.

Detailed working drawings with overlapping all utilities and other agencies are prepared for Conflict Analysis.


After this approval for technical scheme is obtained, all the material quantities ( Bill Of Quantities ) are generated. In co-ordination with civil contractor, we plan our bar chart of activities and cross linking of dependencies is established. Typically following steps are involved:

  • Micro Planning of all activities
  • RBar Charts
  • Cross Linking of Dependencies with other agencies like Civil / Electrical contractors/li>
  • Material Planning
  • Odering of Imported / Long Lead Capital Equipments
  • PreparaA – B- C analysis for all raw materials
  • Site Office / Team establishment
  • Accepting, inspection and storage of all materials coming on site
  • On site Fabrications, Assembly of Pipes, support structures, pipe racks etc
  • Excavation, road crossings and bridges where ever required for external under ground / overhead piping.
  • Laying of underground piping with hydraulic / other forms of testing as may be required.
  • Erection of all major headers inside factory sheds
  • Capital Equipment erections like Compressors, Dryers, Fuel tanks, Water Treatment Plants , Pumping Stations etc
  • Connections to all equipments and testing
  • Complete system testing, performance analysis, certification from user side etc
  • Preparation Of Budgets, Techno-Commercial Viability study and Report based on Macro Level detailing