Waste Water

RECYCLE , REUSE and RECLAIM are the most important Mantras in 21st century, and it is never – before kind of need especially in water. Various NGOs, Social groups, Government organizations are working for last two to three decades in social awareness for importance of waste water recycling and now they are successful in creating some considerable awareness in developing countries like India.

The whole idea revolves around maximizing the usage of sweet water or naturally available water except sea water, before all these sources meet the sea water.

Waste water can be broadly classified in 2 types.

  • Domestic Waste Water: ( Sewage / Gray water ) This is water from bathing, domestic washing, kitchen waste water etc.
  • Industrial Waste Water: ( Effluent Water ) This is used water from aall types of industries, dairies, agro-processing etc.

The treatment of domestic waste water is relatively easy, standardized and successful in terms of quality of outlet water. The COD & BOD ( Oxygen demands ) are not very high, the solid content is very less and incoming water for treatment plant is typical.

The treatments involves separation of solids from effluent water, correction in pH value, extracting / precipitation of dissolved solids, colour removal, digestion of organic matter, Aeration to provide oxygen contact, disinfection by various methods and so on. There is no typical solution to industrial effluent. The combination of various processes by which the contaminants can be isolated and separated to get treated water again, is the objective. Mostly the incoming water characteristics and expected use of treated water are most important technical governing factors for design. And the optimum capital cost with minimum operational cost are commercial factors which decide feasibility of the plant. The success of the ETP is only depending on 2 factors. First is correct design and second equally important is operation & Maintenance of the ETP.

ACCRETE team is sincerely contributing to RECYCLING of various types of waste water recycling since more than 12 years. We are promoting all types of solutions which will reclaim water to at least secondary usages like gardening, flushing etc. There are various applications for which we have designed and executed ETPs.

  • Domestic waste Water on small, medium and Large scale
  • ETP for Battery Industry
  • ETP for TEA industry
  • ETP for recycling of scrubbers in Crematories
  • ETP for sugar Industry
  • ETP for powder coating industry
  • ETP for rubber indusrty
  • ETP in auto components