Fire Protection

1. Fire Fighting Requirement Mapping
2. Fire Fighting Mode Selection and Equipment Estimate
3. Pumping Station Design and Control Panel
4. Piping Design and Support
5. Hydrant Collection and Drain Design
6. Design Of Sprinkler Systems
7. Special Fire Fighting Equipments like Foam Extinguishers
8. Passive Fire Fighting

Indian fire fighting standards and guide lines play major role here. These guidelines give clear picture for selection of fire fighting mode ( individual or combination) according to type of industry and hazard level , builtup area and possible mode of hazard.

Selection and placement of fire fighting equipments is done keeping in mind population, hazard prone areas, aesthetics, easy approach and operation in case of hazard and economics.

Incase of hydrant based system pumping station and electrical panels are designed as per IS standard and also storage and design of hydrant tank is decided accordingly.

Fire Sprinkler System is the biggest breakthrough in fire fighting system Sprinkler system design needs electrical and location consideration. All the machinery covered under sprinkler system needs to be designed accordingly ( electrical panels needs to be rubber lined). Location of various equipments like sand buckets and gas extinguishers guide lines need to be followed.

Hydrant piping and support design has tobe done keeping in mind maximum hazard possibility and control achievement in minimum time with minimum damage.

In case of real hazard proper drainage arrangement has to be made and provided for with out any need for pumping the hydrant out.

Passive fire fighting is a very important aspect which is often neglected due to lack of knowledge and cost of the systems. Fire protection walls, fire pillows, various fire rated materials for false ceiling / doors / windows etc are the constituting components of passive fire fighting. Many times if the spread of fire is arrested, most of the firefighting job is resolved. Passive components are mainly key to arrest fire or restrict its spread.

As per new norms of fire fighting, that is FIRE ACT 2007, now every industry which is having built-up area more than 500 Sq Mtrs, has to have a SPRINKLER SYSTEM along with Hydrants. This Fire LAW also asks for RENEWAL of Fire NOC every year as well as REGISTRATION for all consultants and contractors who are working in firefighting systems.