Cooling Towers

1. Cooling Water Requirement Mapping
2. Cooling Tower Selection
3. Circulation Pump Selection , Installation Commissioning
4. Cooling Tower Installation , Erection Commissioning
5. Cooling Circuit Route Design Engineering
6. Piping With Support

For the selection of cooling tower, the total water required for cooling in LPM or LPH and the desired temperature difference across the cooling tower is taken from the client. The process information is equally important, to determine the duration, continuity and selection of single or multi–numbers of Cooling towers. The pumping of this water, pipeline sizing etc is also designed as per particular process requirement. For example, we can not shut down the cooling tower of a smelting furnace, once the furnace has started till it is stopped for any break–down while in a plastic moulding industry the cooling tower operation could be intermittent.

The pipe routing for cooling water has to be shortest possible to avoid efficiency losses. Also the pipes should be laced in such a way that they are not in vicinity of any hot air / steam / hot effluent gases generating equipment or steam.