Pumping Stations

1. Pumping Requirement Mapping
2. Pump Selection
3. Pumping Room Design
4. Electrical Control Panel

Pumping requirement mapping is done on basis of application and manufacturers recommendation or process requirement ( continuous , peak )

Individual liquids need to be pumped separately. Standby arrangement is needed in case of pumping failure due to any reason. Centrifugal , submersible pump and pump manufacturer selection is done on basis of application , available space , economics , delivery , efficiency, service center , operating hours .

Pump room and electrical control panel is designed keeping in mind location of pumps , suction points , approach , maintenance.

Control Panel

1. Control Pannel Design Engineering
2. Manufaturing , Erection and Commissioning
3. Cable Routing , Laying

Where ever large number of pumps are required to pump the water to different locations for various applications, the control panels at each pump house are required. This panels have complete automation, level controllers, all safety measures like short circuit or earth leakage breakers, alarms as well as the indication lamps, meters etc. If required they can be operated in Manual mode also. Extra feeders are always provided inside the panel for future requirements.

These are MS Fabricated, powder-coated or painted panels and the colour shed is selected by customer which suites the rest of the HT & LT panels. The make of the switch gears used is also of customer’s choice to help him keep minimum inventory. The GA drawings as well as SLDs are approved by client before actually starting of the fabrication work.