Liquid Petroleum Gas

In many process industries LPG or HSD is used, mainly for Heating. Application can be Burners / Heaters / Ovens for baking, etc. LPG requirement in terms of KG / Hour decides the type of storage we prefer to keep. It can be places in commercial LPG cylinders with manifold or it can be stored in a BULLET which is a big cylinder. There are many regulations for storage of LPG or HSD and different permissions are required.

In a normal GAS cylinder, 55% of volume is filled while 45% is empty. This empty volume acts as “Gasifier”. In case of Bullets, separate gasifier is required to covert the liquid into gas. In selecting cylinders / Bullet, the Kg / Hour peak demand is also very important. Because even though the cylinder may have enough liquid, the amount of GAS which can be generated via evaporation is limited. ( @ 1KG max can be generated from 1 Cylinder / Hr )