Remote Location Plant Designs

We have designed and delivered all working drawings for number of projects without ever having to visit the site.

A particular plant of SPONGE IRON was having a water requirement of 250 M3 / hour. The source was nearby river which was about 9 Kms away from the site.

Designing of lifting shifting Pump-House, Jackwell with power station, piping design and storage Tanks design was in our scope. The survey of the route was done by a third party. The complete route was going on CAMLE–HUNCH hilly area and Forest with lot of Ups and DOWNs.

Data collection / mapping from our client, quantities and qualitative analysis of water requirement, Planning and defining specifications, piping designing, designs for Tanks & Pumphouse, JACK–WELL Design, Water Treatment Plant, distribution engineering, Structural Fabrications for supports and bridges were part of our scope.